Unlike traditional massage sessions, we take an integrative approach and combine traditional Western massage types such as Swedish and Deep Tissue with nontraditional techniques.

We incorporate assisted stretching throughout and begin each session with a few minutes of guided deep meditative breathing.

We bring all of the skills we have learned throughout our years of experience and use as needed.

EVERY session is different, completely customized, created in the moment.




When was the last time you focused all of your attention on taking a long, slow, deep breath you could feel in every cell of your body?


Just before the music starts, when an amplifier is plugged in and turned on, is the sound your body makes*.


*Warning: Certain minimum sound requirements are needed to feel full effect.



Integrative: combining multiple parts to create something larger, essential, fundamental and necessary.




~ Travel to you       ~ Harmonious melodies         ~ Diffused mist aromatherapy

~ 32 square feet of 2″ thick firm comfy padding packaged in a portable floor mat

~ Our exclusive secret oil containing only one ingredient, 100% hypoallergenic


1 hr

2 hr

3 hr





Introducing our certified & licensed, mobile integrative massage therapist:

In 1998, Rob pursued his interest in massage by learning traditional Western techniques.  Beginning with Swedish, through trial and success Rob intuitively palpated his way through Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point and Neuromuscular Massage. Years later, Rob obtained his certification and became a licensed Massage Therapist. Having mastered many of the traditional modalities, Rob chose the Denver Integrative Massage School based on their focus with nontraditional Eastern healing techniques and integrating the two together. Some of the new skills obtained include: Acupressure, Prenatal Massage, Aromatherapy with Essential Oils, Breathwork, Meditation, Reflexology and Thai Yoga Massage with assisted stretches. Today, Rob continues to expand his abilities to heal the body, emphasizing stretching combined with deep meditative breathing and massage as the key ingredients to a longer, more fulfilled, flexible, enjoyable life, physically, mentally and spiritually.



  • I’m feeling great. Thanks for a marvelous massage. Quite possibly the best ever! Joints are moving freely. [I’m] walking at nearly full height and speed which I’ve not done for months.

    James P.
    Surviving with Cerebral Palsy
  • Rob’s integrated Thai yoga massage therapy is one of the most effective, soothing, therapeutic practices which produces long-lasting results that I’ve encountered in over 25 years of receiving body work.  He integrates both Thai Yoga stretching with deep tissue massage in a way I’ve never experienced before.  Recently I’d been receiving Thai yoga on a mat then moved to a table for the massage portion so I was hesitant about doing everything on the floor, but let me tell you … it works perfectly!

    I have MS, which brings with it ongoing muscle spasms resulting in clenched and tired major muscle groups.  I stretch almost daily to keep my body moving.  After just one session of therapy from Rob, my entire body feels transformed.  My chest and shoulders and lats are loose and able to expand easily and without pain or cramping.  I have almost full ankle flexure.  My legs feel limber and capable of supporting me.  But the most incredible thing of all is the open, flowing movement I feel in my hips, lower back and buttocks – the biggest problem area that my MS symptoms settle in.

    It’s been four days since my treatment with Rob and my body remains pain free and readily able to stretch and move.  I’m walking solidly upright and my friends and coworkers have all commented. On top of all this, Rob’s energy is amazing and it synced up with my own in a gentle, calming manner.  I’m very much looking forward to my next session.

    Drew F.