Integrative Massage

Integrative massage therapy is a combination of therapy techniques from various modalities, such as somatic therapy, massage, and bodywork techniques. This type of treatment focuses on the patient and their special needs, which means that each session is specifically designed for the person being serviced. Additionally, the patient here has as important a role as the therapist, meaning that a strong bond and connection between the two is essential to the treatment’s success. Therapeutic techniques of this type are focused on the belief that one massage is not right for every person, nor can it solve the different problems that they may have. There are a number of different techniques, 2 of which are discussed below.


The first integrative massage therapy we will discuss is focused on touch. This technique is a combination of classical Swedish massages, interspersed with strokes that are specifically aimed at muscles and the circulatory system. The effectiveness of this type of therapy depends greatly on the therapist’s instinctive connection with their patient. A bond must be established between the body and the mind in order to increase effectiveness. It diverges from traditional Swedish massages in that it has a more philosophical approach. The massage therapist is responsible for creating an environment that is conducive to meditation and an intuitive connection between them and the patient. They are expected to use the physical and non-physical clues from their client to identify the sites of injury, pain, and blockages without their client verbally expressing it. This technique is frequently compared to a moving meditation and is designed to inspire full awareness of the body and relaxation.

Body Therapy

Another integrative massage technique, this one focuses on both touch and body movements. Designed to connect the client’s body to the present and to improve it’s energy flow, this therapy focuses on using nurturing touches and gentle body stretched. The aim is to provide the client with an environment with no judgment, where they can be themselves and focus on bringing about physical, mental, and emotional balance. Unlike other massage therapies, this technique has the patient remain fully dressed and takes place on the floor, on padded mats or massage cushions. The therapist here guides the client’s body through a progression of firm, yet gentle, movements. These movements are strategically designed to stretch out the body’s muscles in a firm way, but without causing discomfort. Movements used here can include muscle leans and pulls, different poses held for periods of time, fun rhythmic moves, and other tension-relieving stretches. The aim of such techniques focused on body therapy is usually to help the patient relax their body and mind, find mental clarity, and balance their emotions and energy. It is a beautiful therapeutic technique for those looking to nurture their body while also finding balance and harmony.

Integrative massage therapies rely on the therapist to have an intuitive gift to sense and feel what the client needs without their verbal expression of such. Such therapeutic techniques are beneficial therapeutic techniques for those who want to enjoy life spiritually, mentally, and physically.